Nvidia May Have Just Let Slip HTC's Nexus 9 Tablet

By Gerald Lynch on at

One of HTC's hard-kept secrets may have just become a casualty of the Nvidia / Qualcomm / Samsung patent court case.

As the three companies are forced to spill their guts over who's stepping on whose patent-protected toes as part of the lawsuit, Nvidia has let slip that it expects to see a HTC Nexus 9 tablet, powered by its own Tegra K1 processor, revealed before the end of Q3 2014. If true, that would mean HTC might be dishing up the next slab of Nexus within the next 20 days.

While this may still yet fail to materialise (the eventual release date of Google's Android L would likely have a major bearing on the the date, which may just slip back), it's worth noting that HTC this week sent out media invitations for an event being hosted in New York on October 8th. While the invite seemed to point to photography being the main area of focus, HTC may have a tablet-shaped surprise up its sleeve. Well, slightly less surprising now, but you know what I mean. [Nvidia via Liliputing]

Image Credit: Wikipedia