Oculus Rift "Public Beta" Will Roll Out VR Headset from Summer 2015

By Gerald Lynch on at

We're all agreed that the Oculus Rift (and the VR renaissance in general) is about the most exciting thing in technology at the moment right? Well we think so, anyway. But, thanks to a series of delays and silent periods of development from the Facebook-owned company, the Oculus Rift has at times looked like vapourware. But the long wait may be drawing to a close -- multiple sources speaking to TechRadar and VRFocus are now suggesting that Oculus Rift will launch next summer in its final consumer form.

It looks as if Oculus is following the Google Glass Explorer approach to rolling out the product though. Rather than pushing it straight to shop shelves, the summer 2015 launch is said to be limited to a "public beta" phase, with only a small, select number of users initially allowed to get their hands on the finalised headset. Despite the buzz surrounding the product, it seems Oculus still wants to test the waters of the market, and consumer response first of all. It's a wise move -- if ever there's been a technology that could divide opinion if it doesn't work perfectly out of the box, it's virtual reality.

But at least it sounds like it's coming, right? Pricing, as you'd imagine, is yet to be announced, but has been rumoured to be as cheap as $200 / £125, with the finalised headset aiming for a 1080p display with a 90Hz (or higher) refresh rate. [TechRadarVRFocus]