Oculus Working on Tricky VR Control Problem

By Gary Cutlack on at

The newly wealthy Oculus Rift development team is working on methods to control your little virtual reality man of the future, suggesting that VR control is such a critical element of the package that it's taking it in-house to do properly.

Oculus Rift creator Palmer Luckey said: "Input is really important for virtual reality, and our approach is that anything that's important, we need to be working on," strongly hinting that it's likely to take control systems i-house just like it did with audio output in the recent Crescent Bay prototype.

Luckey also thinks motion controls are not the answer, saying: "Microsoft Kinect is currently not the solution. Ignoring the technical aspects like the difficulty of tracking rotation and/or tracking under any kind of occlusion, you're very limited if all you can work with is your actual own hands."

Buttons and a d-pad it is, then, despite the fact that Sony's rival Morpheus system seems hell-bent on using motion sensing to navigate its VR worlds. [Techradar]