Panasonic Raises Technics Brand From the Dead

By Kat Hannaford on at

This IFA is full of surprises, with Panasonic announcing today that the Technics audio brand is re-entering European stores. Time to dust off your vinyl and celebrate with an all-nighter. Just for your neighbours' pleasure.

First out of the door are a couple of new hi-fi systems. The R1 reference-class system includes the SE-R1 stereo power amplifier, the SU-R1 network audio control player, and the SB-R1 speaker system.

A step down the ladder from the R1 is the premium-class C700 system, which comes with four components -- the SU-C700 stereo integrated amplifier, the ST-C700 network audio player, the SL-C700 CD player and the SB-C700 speaker system.

On sale from December in Europe, Technics will then head to other countries around the world.