Remember That London Tube, Train and DLR Services Go Contactless Tomorrow

By Gerald Lynch on at

A quick reminder that, as of tomorrow September 16th, London Underground ticket barriers, DLR stops, trams, the Overground and the majority of National Rail services will join buses in accepting contactless payment methods (as well as Oyster cards) for ticket fares. Unless you want to run the risk of paying for a trip with the wrong card (or possibly even twice), make sure to keep your Oyster cards and contactless credit cards in separate wallets. It's either that, or face the wrath of so called CARD CLASH, AKA TfL's rather exciting-sounding rebranding of "You've Just Been Ripped Off."

TfL has put together an FAQ and list of cards so you can check to see if you're ready to make the jump to contactless. But there will be other new ways of paying on the tube too, as Barclaycard has pointed out. Whether you're one of its customers or a member of another bank altogether, you'll be able to pick up either a bPay band (a wearable payments wristband) or a PayTag (a sticker that can turn any mobile phone into a contactless payment system), ready to be topped up with pre-paid travel credit. It should make drunkenly paying for those night bus journeys a little easier, especially as buses now incredibly won't accept cash.