Reebok Forever: Would You Get a Permanent Brand Tattoo in Exchange for Swag?

By Gary Cutlack on at

Are you one of those modern people who has the logo of a sportswear company on your t-shirt like you're some sort of paid-for walking billboard? If so, would you go the extra mile and have the logo of your favourite shoe-maker tattooed on if it meant getting a free pair of shoes? If so, you're mad and should therefore be excluded from the process.

But that's what Reebok has been doing. The Reebok Forever campaign asked attendees at the Tough Viking event in Stockholm to get its company logo tattooed on their bodies, with the largest tattoo winning a prize for the person who had it put on their skin for life. And people were well up for it.

There were bribes, of course. Everyone got around £400 worth of fitness stuff from Reebok, with the winner picking up a "fitness package" supposedly worth around £3,500 in return for having a massive Reebox logo tattooed on the back of her thigh.

Is three grand for having a baffling symbol hidden somewhere on your body worth it? Who really ever sees the back of the top of your thigh? You might as well, right? [Reebok Forever]