Report: Android's Material Design Will Take a Rolling Pin to the Play Store

By Chris Mills on at

When Google introduced its Material Design manifesto to the world at I/O, it was made clear that it was only a matter of time before flat design took over the entire Googleverse — starting, it would seem, with the Play Store.

Android Police has had an early look at the 5.0 update to the Play Store; in among some functionality and efficiency tweaks, it's clear that Material Design is front and centre here. The Play Store already had an update earlier this summer, but 5.0 appears to be taking things further, with bold, vivid colours and a strong adherence to Google's 'card stock' principle for the visual elements.

One welcome functionality tweak appears to be an option to restore apps on a per-device basis: so if you upgrade or change from one Android phone to another, you can choose lists of apps to bulk-download, based on your previous phone.

Timing-wise, we can expect to see this update sometime around the launch of Android L — in other words, pretty soon. [Android Police]