Report: Google Puts Android Silver on Hold

By Darren Orf on at

Google's Android Silver program was first rumoured by Android Police back in April as a "premium sale and support" experience for users. In human speak, this means Google wanted to make Nexus-like devices with more manufacturers rather than just its one yearly release. Now that plan may be on hold.

The Information's Amir Efrati says that internal changes within the company, specifically the departure of one of its chief architects Nikesh Arora who oversaw partnerships among carriers and manufacturers for Google, caused delays. However, Google's newly launched Android One program, which looks to create a baseline standard for global low-end smartphones, could also be of more importance to the company at the moment.

The Information also says Google, along with retailers and the companies charged with making these phones, questioned if the program would even be "commercially successful," which is basically the ultimate death knell for any corporate venture. In some ways, this idea kind of exists already with Google Play Store editions but this was a rumoured effort for manufacturers to opt-in for stock Android at the beginning instead of their own skins. Maybe we got our hopes up. After all, Google never announced Android Silver in any official capacity. And for now, it's future is uncertain. [The Information]