Rumour: Nexus 6 Will Have a QHD Screen, 3,200mAh Battery

By Gerald Lynch on at

Motorola's "Shamu", AKA the next Nexus phone, is looking tastier by the day, if the continual leaks are anything to go by. While the rumoured 5.9-inch screen will be an acquired taste, Android Police's freshly-gleaned list of "confirmed" specs make the phablet-sized phone sound very impressive.

For starters, it believes the 5.9-inch screen is now locked down at a QHD resolution, giving it a pixel density of 496ppi. Around the back is a 13MP camera, equipped with a dual-flash and optical image stabilisation. A 2MP one will sit up front, so it won't be chasing the selfie market that other Android manufacturers seem so fixated on. A huge 3200mAh battery will also be inside according to Android Police -- a big jump from the Nexu 5's 2,300mAh pack (but unlikely to offer a drastic improvement in usage time, considering the size and resolution of the screen). Aesthetically, it'll be similar to the Moto X, right down to its aluminium frame, but with the addition of front-facing stereo speakers, like HTC's BoomSound set up.

Android Police has also put together a mock-up of what the phone will look like (pictured above, and close-up below). Interestingly, it shows off some tweaks to the standard Android app icons. Icons in the notifications bar are now a solid white, while Google seems to be increasingly keen on pushing its editing apps, with a "Drive" folder front and centre on the homescreen. There's also a never-before-seen messaging icon next to the dialler, with the interface sneak-peak presumably from the same source as the hardware leaks. [Android Police]