Safari TV is a Kid-Friendly Customisable Cardboard iPad Stand

By Gerald Lynch on at

As a kid, I used to make everything out of cardboard boxes -- bases for my action men, caves for monsters -- give me a cereal box and I'd give you a world. Showing similar cardboard-based ingenuity are the Cardboard Safari team, who've used it to make a retro TV-aping iPad stand.

Though it probably isn't the most protective of materials, it certainly looks cool, leaving spaces to access the Home button, FaceTime camera, volume buttons and Lightning connector. Being made from cardboard, it's perfect for kids too -- relatively inexpensive, they can get the felt tips or paint sets out and customise it as they see fit.

$30 in the States, that converts to £18.40 in Great British Quids, before shipping or taxes. Alternatively, a Stanley knife and an old Sugar Puffs box artfully chopped could give Blue Peter viewers similar results. [Cardboard Safari via Design Milk]