Samsung's Galaxy Note Edge Won't be Mass-Produced

By Chris Mills on at

Earlier this month, Samsung unleashed another one of its zany special projects on us: the Galaxy Note Edge, an otherwise-normal smartphone with an edge-curved screen. Well, to the disappointment of everyone who's bored with a flat screen, Samsung have confirmed that the Edge won't be mass-produced, and may not be coming to the west.

According to ZDNet Korea, the Edge was a 'limited-edition concept', not intended for the mass market. While it will go on sale, it'll be a very limited release, and initially only in South Korea — although that's at odds with other statements from Samsung, as well as statements from carriers in the US.

Just remember, kids, when that first edition of Technology Trivial Pursuit rolls around in 2025, Samsung were the first (and quite possibly last) people to make a phone with an edge-curving display. That wedge will be all yours. [PC World via ZDNet Korea]