September's Essential Apps for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone

By Tom Pritchard on at

September has been one hell of a month. We've seen the new iPhones, Apple's first foray into the world of smartwatches, Phones 4U went into administration, people got angry at being given free music, the BBC filmed a slow-motion fight over a sandwich, and a crazy woman may, or may not, have paid £12,000 for a third boob.

But September has had a great many apps released into the world, and here is a selection of the best.

iOS Apps

GIF Keyboard: Sometimes word just don't cut it, and emoji are all-round lame. When you want something that shows exactly how you're feeling, you want a GIF. GIF Keyboard will let you send GIFs within iMessage for the recipient to see without having to click any unnecessary links. It's customisable as well, so you can pick and choose your favourite GIFs to share with friends. [Free]

SwiftKey Keyboard: iOS 8 has brought one big advantage to the world of iPhone: third- party keyboards. SwiftKey itself is one of the most popular options from Android, bringing its unique predictive texting over to iPhone. SwiftKey adapts to the way you type by learning your typing style and offering you more-accurate auto-corrections and intelligent word prediction, which makes your typing faster and more efficient. [Free]

Contact Center: This one is designed to make contacting all your friends and family much easier. Essentially it puts all your contact apps in one central hub, including phone, texting, email, Facetime, etc. It's also has group messaging, group email, and the ability to search and share GIFs. [Free]

Lucky Voice Karaoke: An app that gives you access to thousands of karaoke hits right there on your phone, from the best karaoke chain in town (in our opinion), any time and any place. You can use the pre-built playlists, or you can go ahead and make your own. No need for any bulky karaoke machines either, and it's not limited to your phone screen, thanks to Airplay integration. It's free to download, but if you want access to the songs you'll have to fork out £1.49 for 24 hours of access. [Free -- with in-app purchases]

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Android Apps

Castround with Twitter: Twitter is a fantastic platform, especially for tracking news in real-time. The issue is filtering searches it to a specific thing. Sure keywords are useful, but they don't always get you what you want. Castround is a nifty little tool that will show you a real-time view of what's going on in a particular area so you can find out what's going on in the places that matter to you. [Free]

Horizon: I've talked about the iOS version of Horizon before, and now this important tool has made it to Android. The key feature of the app is that regardless of how you hold your phone, the camera will always record video horizontally. We've all had to suffer through the god-awful vertical videos on the web, and hopefully apps like this will fight back. [Free]

Hangouts Dialler: Google Voice? What's Google Voice? That's what people will be saying in a few years, because Hangouts has just made it redundant by offering VoIP calls. While you do need to have the app downloaded, you'll be able to make the calls from the regular Hangouts messenger app. For the three of you who actually used Google Voice, don't worry: Hangouts will use your existing Google Voice number. [Free]

Trinus Gyre Test - screenshot

Trinus Gyre Test: A great way to get the Oculus level of quality on mobile VR devices. Essentially you'll be streaming PC games to your mobile, and the free version will only work for up to 10 minutes meaning you can try it and make sure it all works before you spend anything. If you've wanted some great VR games without having to shell-out a lot of cash, this is a great one to try out. [Free]

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Windows Phone Apps

Pushbullet: An app that allows you to transfer links and bodies of text between devices – usually a computer and a mobile. Unfortunately, as is often the case, the Windows Phone users have so far been ignored by developers, meaning you all have to rely on third-party developers. Fortunately, everything you need is right here. [Free]

Rawer: The vast majority of photographers will tell you that RAW files are the best way to take pictures if you want good quality images. A number of Nokia phones can take images in RAW, and now you can edit them without loading them onto a separate device. Alternatively you can pull them in from another RAW-enabled camera and fiddle about with them on-the-go. [Free]

Send Anywhere: A nice and simple way to send files easily and instantly. Send Anywhere has been available on Android and iOS for a while, and now it's available on Windows Phone. There are no logins or registrations required, all you need to do is share a six-digit code with the intended recipient and it'll take care of the rest for you. [Free]

Untapped: A social network for lovers of the glorious nectar of the gods: beer. With Untapped you can easily find your nearest craft beers and bars, see which beers are popular, as well as a personalised recommendation system that helps you find somewhere to drink.

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