Smart Meters Have Negligible Effect on Power Use, Say MPs

By Gary Cutlack on at

A committee looking into the mass introduction of smart electricity meters into UK homes has found that the gains would be pretty marginal, suggesting the average household may reduce their bills by just two per cent.

The Public Accounts Committee says the average man and his array of gadget charges could save around £26 a year from the installation of a "smart" meter and the increased energy consumption awareness it would bring. This suggests that the scheme, which energy users will pay for via an addition to bills, is rather pointless, with the committee of MPs also warning that the rapid evolution of the tech may mean some households end up with meters that are already outdated.

If you want to save money on power bills, stop using the heat your TV gives off to dry your pants. Put them on wet. That's what Nick Clegg does. [BBC]

Image credit: Power station from Shutterstock