Sony's Electric Mountain Bike Concept Would Record Your Rides and Playback Tunes

By Gerald Lynch on at

Sony's busiest IFA ever? Possibly. From a bunch of new phones and tablets to projectors, cameras and smartwatches, Sony threw out more new gear than almost any other manufacturer at this year's show. And it managed a few surprises too, such as this concept bicycle.

Dubbed the "Xperia Bike", it's kitted out with power-assisted speed settings for uphill climbs and an integrated holder for the company's new Xperia Z3 phone. Both the handlebars and saddle come equipped with a 180-degree action cams installed, letting you track any crashes or crazy trail trips. Also, thanks to the cameras, a paired up phone can be used not only to display maps and fitness tracking information, but also livestream a particularly gnarly journey or race to the world.

A paired phone can also be used alongside speakers in the handlebars, letting you stream some tunes from phone to frame as you hurtle around off-road.

No word currently on any planned retail release for the Sony bike, but it seems a pretty safe bet as to what the future holds for top-end bicycles.