Special Effects Legend Douglas Trumbull Pushes for 120fps Film Future

By Gary Cutlack on at

Despite the 48fps action of the Hobbit films not exactly winning over film enthusiasts, SFX guru/ninja Douglas Trumbull claims his 120fps, 4K and 3D system could still gain traction within the film industry.

Trumbull claims the unsettling experience some felt while watching the Hobbit's 48fps action is because that particular frame rate dumped the production into the uncanny valley, whereas 120fps HD material would "jump over the valley to a whole new territory."

He also suggests staff at James Cameron's production company are keen on seeing a sort film shot using a demonstration of the tech, known as the MAGI system, leading some to suggest that the forthcoming Avatar sequels could be shot in the next-gen 120fps format. [Hollywood Reporter via IGN]