Star Wars: Episode VII Actor Isn't a Fan of George Lucas's Tweaks

By Gerald Lynch on at

Blinking Ewoks. Greedo shooting first. Darth Vader's cringe-inducing "nooooooo". It's almost as if Star Wars creator George Lucas was actively working to make his films worse with his Special Edition and Blu-ray tweaks. It's frustrated diehard Star Wars fans for years, but now they've got a supporter on the inside -- Episode VII star Oscar Isaac wishes that Lucas had left the original trilogy untouched too.

"As an artist, like, he made the shit, so why can’t he do whatever the heck he wants with it," Isacc told the The Huffington Post. "There’s a part of me that appreciates that he doesn’t really care if people are upset about it."

"But as a fan, I’d much rather go back and watch the old thing, because it’s a product of the time. It’s what did you do at the time with the things that you had. And that’s what made that movie so amazing. At that time with that technology he made this thing and it was fucking awesome. So, you know, to go back and kind of tweak it with new stuff, it doesn’t make it more interesting for me as a watcher. It makes it less interesting, but I can’t fault him for doing that".

Isaac seems to have much more faith in Episode VII director J.J Abrams, who has endeared himself with the Inside Llewyn Davis star by shooting the new sci-fi romp on film.

"That’s not just from an aesthetic standpoint -- it really does matter -- but it’s about how a movie is filmed and the set, it changes it. It changes so many things." [The Huffington Post]