Testmodo: We Need Three Readers to Review Xperia Z3 From Sony

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We're not going to lie, after handing over the responsibility of reviewing gadgets to three readers earlier this year, Giz's hands have grown tired once again so we're looking for three more readers to test the latest and greatest for us. This time, it's Xperia Z3 from Sony, which offers top-drawer specs in a sleekly-designed waterproof exterior.

What is Testmodo?

Just like our first Testmodo earlier this year, three readers will be given one of the latest and greatest smartphones -- in this case, Xperia Z3 from Sony -- to review for Giz. Each reader will be expected to write three short reviews over the period of three weeks, focusing on the camera, battery life and waterproofness, then a fourth post summarising their overall thoughts on the device.

It doesn't matter if you've never reviewed a phone before, or don't consider yourself a strong writer. Giz's editors will be there helping you out every step of the way, so if you have aspirations of one day becoming a gadget blogger, this is a great first step.

How do I enter?

Either leave a comment on this post, or drop us a line at giztestmodo@gmail.com. Whichever your communication method, be sure to add a sentence or two on why you should be chosen, and if you want to go the extra mile, please include your Twitter handle, and a link to your blog / YouTube account if you have one. Why do we request this of you? So readers can follow your behind-the-scenes thoughts on Xperia Z3 as you test it, using our #testmodoZ3 hashtag.

Leave a comment / send your email before the final hour of Tuesday 23rd of September, or prepare to curse your dilly-dallying forevermore.

What's in it for me?

Perhaps you have starry-eyed dreams about becoming a gadget reviewer. Perhaps you want to show off to your friends with one of the latest smartphones.

Or maybe you just want to lord it over your Giz peers by bagging a byline on the site. Whatever's driving you to enter, do so now -- you have until next Tuesday.

How are the three readers chosen?

A shortlist of 10 entrants will be chosen at random, with the final three participants being chosen by a panel of three judges from Sony, Gizmodo UK, and an independent party.

The three participants will be required to comply with Future's standard competition T&Cs, which can be viewed here. In addition to these, readers should note that their personal data will only be seen by the judging panel.

Readers must live in the UK to enter.

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Update: Thanks to all who entered! We'll be in touch with the three winners this week.