That 12-inch MacBook Air Might Come in iPhone-Matching Colours

By Gerald Lynch on at

A 12-inch, possibly Retina equipped MacBook Air has been doing the rounds in the rumour mill for months now, with Apple allegedly looking to ditch its standard MacBook Line in favour of the high-res slim-line models.

Now, there's the suggestion that Apple may be looking to give the line a fresh lick of paint too. According to ATechWebsite, "sources familiar with Apple's plans" have let slip that the MacBook Air line may be coming in multiple chassis colours for the first time. Hinting at a mid-2015 release date, these colours would mirror those now offered with the iPhone -- silver, "Space Grey" and a champagne-y gold.

It's the first we've heard of such a shift in design sensibilities by Apple, and fresh-on-the-scene ATechWebsite hasn't given much away in regards to its source and its legitimacy. Season this with a healthy helping of NaCl, though MacRumors too suggests that "special edition" colour options have been considered in the past. Looking at the iPhone line, the precedent is there, for better or worse. I'm sure Kim Kardashian would love a gold MacBook Air. Everyone else? I'm not so sure. [ATechWebsite]