The Asus Smartwatch Will Cost Less Than £120

By Jamie Condliffe on at

We knew that Asus was working on an Android Wear smartwatch, and now we have some details. According to China's Central News Agency, the ZenWatch will be announced on Wednesday and sell for less than $200 (£120 directly converted).

The report explains that Asustek CEO Jerry Shen has let slip that the device will include voice control features—though it's not clear how they'll differ from the baked-in Google offering—as well as looking "better than competitors' products." Which is perhaps subjective, though you can judge for yourself (a little) in the video, above.

Less subjective is that it will come in one size and work independently of an Android phone (though, clearly, it'll work way, way better with one). Its pricing could see it prove cheaper than Samsung and LG, though we'll have to wait to find out for sure. The new watch will announced at IFA this Wednesday, though it won't be available until October, according the report. [Central News Agency via Verge]