The Average Brit Spends 315 Days of Their Lives Hungover

By Gary Cutlack on at

You, Mr Average, may spend getting on for a year of your life struggling to stay awake while regretting last night.

Stats on UK hangovers have been gathered by charity Macmillan Cancer Support, which asked 2,000 adults how much time they spent looking at the clock, feeling awful and begging it to be time to go to bed. As well as ruining an average of 315 days during a lifetime with hangovers, one in 14 of us will go the extra mile and suffer 3,000 hangovers during our lives.

The data also suggests that women have a harder time of it, taking two hours longer to recover from an ill-advised final round of green spirits than men, plus there's also a north/south divide, with 22 per cent of people in the north having four hangovers a month, against 15 per cent of drinkers down south.

If you'd like to get a few days of your life back from the miserable reaper, Macmillan's running a Go Sober fundraiser this October. [Independent]

Image credit: Alcohol from Shutterstock