The Car of the Future Will be Driverless and... Stained Glass

By Gary Cutlack on at

Designers looking at the future of mobility as part of the London Design Festival have come up with this bizarre concept; a driverless car with a built-in bed, stained glass windows, and wheels nicked from a Mini.

Here it is, being made, partially out of wood:

Borderline wacky designer Dominic Wilcox and a team from Middlesex University's product design lab built the prototype car of 2059, with Wilcox suggesting that the driverless cars of the future ought to be safer than today's manual models, so we can do away with the plastic, metal and rubber protective padding and start having a bit more fun with the materials they're made from.

The car features as part of the Mini Frontiers exhibition, which also includes a lady who offers to vacuum-pack attendees as a look into how people my one day prepare for space travel. [Dezeen via Metro]