The "Celestial Jukebox in the Sky" Killed the iPod Classic Says Its Mastermind

By Gerald Lynch on at

The writing's been on the wall for some time with the iPod Classic. It's a brave new world of touchscreens and online music services, and the pioneering MP3 player, with its local-only playback and tactile click wheel got its marching orders at the iPhone 6 launch.

iPod "mastermind" Tony Fadell shared his thoughts on the passing of his iconic design with Fast Company, and revealed that even as far back as 2003 he and his teammates knew what would eventually kill off their baby.

"We knew it was streaming. We called it the 'celestial jukebox in the sky,'" he told Fast Company.

And how right he was -- as much as Beats' hardware arm, Apple's purchase of the company was almost certainly part of a streaming landgrab in acquiring Beats Music too (if not necessarily retaining the name).

"The iPod's been a huge part of my life for the last decade. The team that worked on the iPod poured literally everything into making it what it was.

"Products just don't come around like that often [...] The iPod was one-in-a-million."

It certainly was. [Fast Company]