The Fanless 12-Inch MacBook Air May May Bring Back the PowerBook Look

By Gerald Lynch on at

It may not just be iPhone-matching colours that will be among the changes introduced for the long-rumoured 12-inch MacBook Air. New reports now suggest that the slimmed-down laptop will come with brand new ports, new heat management systems and even a different charging method.

Sources speaking to 9to5Mac and JackGMarch reckon that, in order to shave a few more millimetres off the wedge-like laptop, Apple will be kitting out the new machines with the new, smaller, reversible USB Type C ports. Like the PowerBook's of old, the keyboard will stretch to the edge of the chassis, with the speakers placed in a thin strip above the keys, much like the current MacBook Pro and Retina MacBooks. The trusty MagSafe charging port may be dropped altogether too in favour of a new power supply -- though neither source offers any additional details on what this could be or how it would work.

The introduction of Intel's Broadwell chipsets are also helping to bring the overall size down, with the processors able to run at high performance levels while acting as a reliable heatsink too. As such, it's rumoured that this will allow Apple to remove fans altogether in the new MacBook Air.

All this in addition, of course, to the long-awaited introduction of Retina displays in the MacBook Air line. Still no official word from Apple, but with a 2015 launch planned, could we see the new MacBook Air make its debut ahead of the summer's WWDC annual showcase? [9to5Mac, JackGMarch]