The Top 100 Songs of all Time as Graphs and Diagrams

By Sarah Zhang on at

Billboard's top 100 list of all time—well, of all time since the Hot 100 list began in 1958 anyway—is a nostalgia trip through American music of the past half century. Even if you're a cold-hearted music snob, Nathan Yau's charts and diagrams are a fun, clever spin on these familiar old songs.

A few months ago, Yau made a poster of the American Film Institute's top 100 movie quotes in charts. Now he's done the same with chart-topping songs, translating the lyrics into abstract and playful data visualisations. The full poster is for your slow perusal below, and it's available to preorder for $29 / £17.85 (before shipping fees). [Flowing Data]

The Top 100 Songs of All Time as Graphs and Diagrams