There's Now an OlloClip Multi-Lens Add on For Samsung Galaxy S5 and S4, Too

By Gerald Lynch on at

It's already got a camera add-on for iPhone and iPad, and now OlloClip has set its sights on Android too. It's today revealed another 4-in-1 lens kit, this time compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S5 and S4.

A modular clip that slides over the back of your smartphone, the OlloClip offers 180-degree fish-eye, wide-angle and two macro lens attachments -- 10x and 15x. Switching to a different lens is as simple as sliding the lens cradle in front of each Samsung phone's own camera lens, with the macro options found underneath the fish-eye and wide angle components, which unscrew.

Available from, the 4-in-1 set costs £59.99.