There's Still Life in the HTC Smartwatch Rumour Yet

By Gerald Lynch on at

The see-saw of rumours surrounding HTC's alleged smartwatch rises again today. Following whispers that the project had been scrapped altogether, sources close to the company speaking to CNET have revealed that HTC is now looking towards early 2015 for its release date.

It had been thought that HTC was pulling out of the smartwatch race due to the fiercely competitive (and as-yet-unproven) nature of the market. And if anything, it's only become more busy in recent weeks; as well as the Moto 360, LG G Watch R and Samsung's many offerings, it now has the Apple Watch to contend with too. It'd seem strange for HTC NOT to have a smartwatch of its own by this point, though its recent financial woes would justify it being cautious to stretch its means even further.

Though the specifics surrounding HTC's smartwatch remain unclear (if it exists at all) it's almost certain to be an Android Wear device. HTC was one of the few companies to nail what an Android smartphone should feel and work like back in the operating system's days of infancy -- could HTC pull off the same trick twice with Android Wear? [CNET]

Image Credit: EVLeaks