These 14 Handpicked HealthKit Apps Have Their Own iTunes Section

By Darren Orf on at

Health, powered by Apple's HealthKit API, was one of the many lauded features of iOS 8. It's Apple's attempt to collate all your health data into one place and also empower disparate health apps with new features. Now, the platform is in full swing, complete with a new iTunes storefront.

Right now, Apple's curated content features 14 different apps that all use Apple's new API, including personal trainers (FitStar), calorie counters (Human), and sleep trackers (MotionX 24/7). Also, WebMD's massive encyclopaedic knowledge of health and wellness integrates with Health. The page essentially provides a quick start guide of apps and services using Apple's next generation of health-related mobile software.

These 14 Handpicked HealthKit Apps Have Their Own iTunes Section

In some ways, these are the apps that braved the pioneered the unknown territory of HealthKit. Apps like RunKeeper even said they'd be waiting on launching any new version until all bugs were resolved, which ended up being pretty smart thinking. The atypically shaky HealthKit launch, which had some developers worried about the Apple's health platform, started with a last-minute delay hours before iOS 8's official launch. Apple's next software update, iOS 8.0.1 fixed the HealthKit but introduce much more serious problems by basically turning all new iPhones into really expensive iPod Touches.

More apps will surely become to Health in the coming days/months/years, and after a sickly start, HealthKit appears to be on the mend. [9to5Mac]