This Chocolate Teapot Can Hold Boiling Water Without Totally Melting

By Sarah Zhang on at

There is exactly one reason you would ever want to brew hot tea in a barely stable chocolate teapot: to prove that you could. And indeed, a team of science bods have enlisted a master chocolatier to do just that. Behold the power of (chocolate) science.

In case you aren't up on your insults, a "chocolate teapot" is something utterly useless. But shouldn't our insults be empirically tested? Yes, they definitely should, so master chocolatier John Costello at the Nestle Product Technology Centre put together a team of scientists and engineers to make a useful chocolate teapot. Their strategy was two-pronged. First, use dark chocolate with 65 per cent chocolate solids that wouldn't melt as quickly. Second create a thick teapot so the chocolate can absorb as much energy as possible before it starts melting.

Their final chocolate teapot was a thick, sturdy thing cast from a silicon mould. It's not the most elegant teapot, but it does it's job — sort of. The inside layer melts into a chocolate sludge that settles to the bottom, so as long as you don't stir your tea pot, you have reasonable tasting tea with only a hint of chocolate.

Tea purists, on the other hand, are free to keep using "chocolate teapot" as an insult. [The Telegraph]

Top image: Screenshot via video from The Telegraph