This Futuristic Car is Powered by Salt Water Fuel

By Gerald Lynch on at

From Tesla to Boris's hybrid buses to fuels made of leftover coffee grounds, green transport options are not only big business, but also an important factor in our planet having any sort of long-term environmentally-sustainable future. It's appropriate then that Nanoflowcell's Quant e-Sportslimousine not only runs on an eco-friendly salt water solution as an alternative to regular fuel, it also looks like something straight out of the movie iRobot.

The Quant e-Sportslimousine draws its power from a combination of two liquids containing metallic salts. These liquids act as an electrolyte, directed to the car's fuel cell where an anode or cathode electrode generates electricity before sending it off to the vehicle's super capacitors. The car can hit top speeds of 217mph, and go from 0-62mph in just 2.8 seconds. You'll get 372 miles out of a full tank of its salt water solution, with the car equipped with two tanks. With a litre of the solution claimed to be 400 times more energy efficient than standard lead-acid batteries, Nanoflowcell's vehicle could prove an intriguing competitor on the green-car-scene.

However, it remains a prototype for the time being. Just cleared as safe for testing on EU roads, Nanoflowcell is partnering with Bosch to create four more prototypes throughout the year ahead of a hoped for commercial launch. [Dezeen]