This New 4D Batman Theme Park Ride Looks Like a Giant Nope-Coaster

By Darren Orf on at

Growing up outside of St. Louis, there was a Six Flags theme park only a forty minutes away. You could look right off the motorway and see the sprawling car park, the giant Ferris wheel, and twisted metal of all the roller coasters. The most imposing black snake-like construction was called Batman: The Ride.

For my friends and I, it was almost a rite of passage to ride this thing. Once you had traversed the enviable "you must be this tall" sign, you jumped on the Batman: The Ride until you puked your guts out. Now, Six Flags hopes to add another Batman ride to its legion of roller coasters. This time in San Antonio, Texas. But this this isn't your traditional, legs dangling thrill ride. Instead, this guy will also rotate your seat 360-degrees as you travel along its tracks.

Nope. Just...Nope.

The Los Angeles Times describes this metal monstrosity as the first of its kind and a crossbreed from the Green Lantern 4D coaster and the X-Flight wing coaster, both at other Six Flags theme parks. I do appreciate Six Flags setting the scene with this teaser trailer though with ominous skies...because Batman!

Are you braver than I? Would you actually give this new Batman ride a shot? [The Los Angeles Times]