This Tiny 3G Chip Will Pump the Internet Into Anything

By Jamie Condliffe on at

It might not look much, but this is the world's smallest 3G chip—and it could help bring internet connectivity to even the tiniest of devices.

The U-blox SARA-U260 module measures just 16 by 26 millimetres and has recently been certified by US network provider AT&T. It can, obviously, handle voice calls, but that's not really the point; instead, this tiny little silicon construct can send and receive data via 3G. It also features Assisted GPS and an can use mobile networks to geolocate indoors, too.

It might not be the fastest of devices, sure, but 3G has astonishing geographic coverage. That means that devices — whatever their size — could happily hook up to the Internet of Things using such a chip. Think super-slim smartwatches, intelligent clothing or anything else that needs to be slim and light but would benefit from being connected.

Now it's certified by AT&T, the U260 should start appearing in devices in the States pretty soon, with worldwide usage surely rolling out not long after. Let's see what people do with it. [IT World]