This Video Shows What You Get if You Glue All Those iPhone 6 Leaked Parts Together

By Gerald Lynch on at

A display panel here, an empty shell there -- it can be tough to get excited about all those iPhone 6 rumours when all you're seeing is alleged, disparate parts. Put them altogether though and you end up with something considerably closer to the finished article, and considerably more exciting too.

Russian YouTube channel Rozetked has pulled together a number of leaked iPhone 6 parts and assembled them, giving us our best look at what's likely to be the iPhone 6 yet. It's a 4.7-inch version the team has put together, lacking a Sapphire display, and shoving the wake/sleep button to the side from its traditional spot on top of the phone. The rear camera protrudes a bit from the casing, while volume buttons are now pill-shaped rather than circular.

Apple's expected to show off two handsets -- a 4.7inch iPhone 6 and a 5.5-inch "Premium" version -- alongside its first smartwatch on September 9th. We'll be covering Apple's launch event live on the day, letting any Apple fanboys and fangirls out there know exactly how big the pockets on their trousers are going to have to be going forward (and how empty their wallets will be, too).