This Week's Best Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone Apps

By Tom Pritchard on at

If there's something I've noticed over the past few years it's that I can never seem to clean up things properly. Five minutes after I feel like I've tidied to an acceptable standard the room is a total mess again. That's an exaggeration of course, but it's not that far from the truth. It's really quite baffling. You know what else is baffling? Why so many brand new Android apps are Android Wear watch faces. What's up with that?

iPhone Apps

Joy of Cooking: A cookery app with thousands of recipes that are all stored offline so they can be accessed whenever you need them. But that's not all, the app has built-in timers so you get everything absolutely right, and also reads them out loud so that you don't have to keep checking the recipe every few seconds to keep track of things. [£2.49]

Sleepio: A programme clinically proven to help you improve your sleep and overcome issues without having to resort to pills or other external remedies. Sleepio is designed to help you fall asleep up to 50 per cent faster, wake up during the night 60 per cent less, and boost daytime energy by 50 per cent .It's not free, and after a seven-week trial you can choose to pay £3 per month, or £92 for the full 12-week programme. [Free -- with subscription]

Vhoto: Have you ever struggled to get a decent shot on your phone? Maybe you've been struggling with auto-focus, or maybe something has been moving too fast for you to time it perfectly. Vhoto takes all the luck out of it by recoding a video, or taking an existing one, and selecting what it thinks are the best shots as individual photographs. Or you can go through it yourself and find the one that you think is best. [Free]

GIF Keyboard: Sometimes word just don't cut it, and emoji are all-round lame. When you want something that shows exactly how you're feeling, you want a GIF. GIF Keyboard will let you send GIFs within iMessage for the recipient to see without having to click any unnecessary links. It's customisable as well, so you can pick and choose your favourite GIFs to share with friends. [Free]

Modio: An app that lets you create and design your own 3D printable models using a collection of stock parts. It's a bit like construction toys that you can buy for kids, except it's totally customisable and you can make your own. It's now available on the iPhone along with a new set of templates and various new pieces to play with. [Free]

iPad Apps

One Note: One Note is Microsoft's note-taking service that syncs across your devices. Taking advantage of the recent iOS 8 upgrade, One Note has had an update. It now has an extension that lets you send content directly to the app so that it can be stored there or sent elsewhere. [Free]

MusiXmatch Music Lyrics Player: An interesting one, MusiXmatch is an app designed to fully integrate lyrics with your music experience. Not only will the app listen and identify both songs and their lyrics, you can also view the lyrics while listening to music or watching music videos. Never again will you embarrass yourself with mis-heard lyrics. [Free -- with subscription]

Post-it Plus: The humble post-it hasn't really has a 21st century makeover, and it's not hard to see why. As great as digital notes are, you can't stick them all over the place as reminders. Post-it Plus isn't there to replace your post-it notes, instead it's there to enhance them. You can snap pictures of your notes and they'll be stuck onto a virtual corkboard for you to organise. It's also a handy back-up if you lose the physical copies. [Free]

Stylect: You can never have too many shoes. Well you can, but that's far from the point. If you are one for shoe shopping, it might be a little tricky. If you don't have the time to go out and spend the day looking, you have to resort to the internet, which invariably makes things a little tricky. Describing itself as Tinder for shoes, Stylect is a way of browsing over 60,000 pairs of shoes from multiple brands to find the ones that suit you. [Free]

Magisto - Magical Video Editor: A quick and easy way to edit videos and photos automatically, complete with music and effects. So whether or not you're able to actually edit them yourself, you can still create your own amazing movies in the palm of your hand. [Free -- with in-app purchases]

Android Apps

WhoSampled: Do you have a favourite song? Do you want to find out where that song has been used, remixed, or sampled? WhoSampled is a great way to find all that out and to expand your musical tastes by seeing where your music library has ended up. [Free]

Suggest Movie: Struggling to find a film to pass the time? Luckily apps are here to save the day. Simply select the genre, years, and minimum age rating and Suggest movie will do the rest for you. From there it'll forward you to places where you can buy or rent the film for your viewing pleasure. [Free]

Too Retro TV: Too Retro TV allows you to jump back to the '80s and '90s to view TV adverts and film trailers. Whether it's for nostalgia purposes, genuine curiosity, or if you have some sort of strange belief that adverts from the period were superior and you want to be pretentious about it. [Free]

Ministry of Silly Walks Watchface: We've all seen the game based on the famous Monty Python sketch, and chances are you've seen a Silly Walks clock on places like Etsy. Well now it's on an Android Wear watch face, so John Cleese's legs can tell you the time in a variety of silly stances. [£0.50]

Antivirus & Security - screenshot

avast! Antivirus and Security: avast! is the popular anti-virus software on your phone, designed to keep everything secure and as safe as possible. It's just been updated which brings along a brand new interface, and default protection for all the files you store in your phone for extra security. [Free]

Windows Phone Apps

Gratitude Journal: Journalling is easier than ever now that smartphones are about, and Gratitude is one of the ones Windows Phone users can use for themselves. Not only Gratitude great to look at, it's also easy for you to make entries -- big or small. You can also backup and restore your entries from OneDrive so nothing is ever lost. [Free]

UC Browser: The number of official third-party web browsers on Windows Phone is a little limited (just like most other apps), but UC Browser is a definite option. This new version has a brand-new UI with better navigation, an integrated search and address bar, and better tab switching. [Free]

Rawer: The vast majority of photographers will tell you that RAW files are the best way to take pictures if you want good quality images. A number of Nokia phones can take images in RAW, and now you can edit them without loading them onto a separate device. Alternatively you can pull them in from another RAW-enabled camera and fiddle about with them on-the-go. [Free]

Send Anywhere: A nice and simple way to send files easily and instantly. Send Anywhere has been available on Android and iOS for a while, and now it's available on Windows Phone. There are no logins or registrations required, all you need to do is share a six-digit code with the intended recipient and it'll take care of the rest for you. [Free]

FIFA 15 - UT: This is one that lets you build your own perfect football team from a database of over 10,000 players from 500 teams across the world. It's a little bit like Football Manager, just made by the folks behind FIFA. You can test your management skills with quick games, or you can pit your team against its next real-world challenge. [Free -- with in-app purchases]