Those iCloud Leaks Would Look Great on a 27-inch 5K Apple Thunderbolt Display

By Gerald Lynch on at

Since the Retina MacBook Pro laptops were introduced at Apple, it's all been about high-resolution computing displays in Cupertino. And though it remains one of the higher-resolution displays on the market, the firm's Thunderbolt Display, with its 2560 x 1440 resolution panel, hasn't had a touch up in its three years on shelves.

That may change soon though. The WitsView LCD research firm claims that there is a 27-inch "5K3K" (5120 x 2880) Thunderbolt Display in the works at Apple's test labs, ready to take on Dell's recently-announced 5K screen of the same size. According to the report, the display could be with us as soon as Christmas.

However, both Apple and Dell share the problem of how exactly to power such a display. The DisplayPort 1.2 standard found in the Thunderbolt 2 connection is limited to only select, stable refresh rates at such high resolutions. While Dell may use Multi-Stream Transport (MST) techniques in its display, it's more likely that Apple would opt for a 4K panel, which could use Thunderbolt 2's 20 Gbps data transfer rate to keep things easy on the eyes. [DigiTimes]