Today's Deals: Destiny, House Box Set, Popcorn Maker and More

By Mof Gimmers on at

Do you love some epic space action? Do you like multiplayer games because meeting people in the flesh is a pain because, when they get annoying, you can't just unplug everything and make them go away? Well, chances are, you'll love the biggest game of the year, Destiny.

If you haven't bought it already, we've found a deal that should tempt you. You can get your paws on the PS4 version of the game for just £35. You're going to need a code for this offer, which is TDX-HQ9T. Enjoy!


Box sets are like companions, conveniently encased in cardboard and pretty programme art. For a serious binge-worthy series, you can currently buy the complete collection of House (Blu-ray) for £75.30. Getting 177 episode means that works out at just 43p per episode. Not bad at all!

One day batteries will become obsolete. Nuclear energy will have been nailed down and simply touching a device to a charging point will give it 300 years of power. Until then you'll need to keep buying batteries, and why not save money while you do? This 24 pack will only set you back £6.18. Back to the maths: thats 25p per battery!

Soundbars have become a really popular solution to getting good home audio, without necessarily have to hang umpteen speakers on your walls. A lot of the market *cough* Sonos *cough* leaders are still in the pocket-shrinking price range, putting them out of reach of many. So it is welcome to see this Philips soundbar with a perfectly reasonable price tag of £79.98.

You probably know how popcorn is made, but who has time to do it the old-fashioned way when you can just get a snazzy device like this one by Ukayed. It apparently makes 'healthier popcorn' by not requiring the use of any oil. It comes with everything you need to start poppin'. Get £20 off now, making it just £19.99.

Road safety for cyclists is no laughing matter; anything that can increase the visibility of a bike rider is a good thing. And on top of all the necessary hi-vis kit that should be worn, why not have a bit of fun by clipping one of these LED lights onto your bicycle's valve cap? It shines brightly to show your presence on the road, while also creating a halo of light once the tyre really gets going. Each one is only 79p. Cycle on!


- Samsung Memory 32GB micro SD for £11.65
- Sumvision Cyclone Micro2 Full HD HDMI 1080p multi media player for £20.99
- HDMI KING double insulated 3-metre lead for £3.49
- IWANTIT portable speaker in white for £1.97
- Evolution Kit for Samsung ES7000 Series and Above & Plasma E8000 TVs for £49.99
- Rain X rain repellent for cars £4.78
- Bosch power tools accessories kit (25 pieces) for £6.30
- Bob Marley & The Wailers Legend (the Deluxe edition) 99p download
- Barclaycard longest ever 0% balance transfer card, now 34 months (2.99% Fee)
- Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic & Jedi Outcast (Steam) £1.74 each
- WD 3.5-inch internal hard drive - SATA III 6 GB/sec-7200 rpm 2 TB for £59.99
- TSB Classic Current Account Plus is back - 5 per cent (4.89%) Gross
- 27-inch 27M45HQ LG Monitor for £134.99
- Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster (PS Vita) for £15.85
- The Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy on Blu-ray for £11.60
- Steam Sega Bundle (Viking: Battle for Asgard, Crazy Taxi, Binary Domain, Alpha Protocol) for £2.96
- The Girl ... Trilogy 3-disc box set Blu-ray for £6.94
- American Pie: 4 Film Collection Blu-ray+UV for £9.70

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