Today's Dealz: Fire TV, Logitech Headphones, Samsung Micro SD and Many More

By Mof Gimmers on at

The console wars (64,000 casualties and millions injured) continue, with all the vendors giving your money the eye while you and your dough strut around like a prize bullock, presenting to all and sundry.

Well, if you've been looking for a PS4, but are a bit broke after a holiday or spending all your money on Pez dispensers, you might want to check out this deal where you can get a PlayStation 4 console refurbished with 12 month warranty. Yours for £275.94, delivered. Not bad eh?


Today is the last day you can take advantage of the great offer on Fire TV so it's worth getting in on the action while you can: the company's really rather good Fire TV has finally been announced for the UK. And it comes across the Atlantic with a pretty little offer attached to it: if you are a Amazon Prime member (or if you sign up to Prime before buying) you can have the clever device for just £49 instead of £79. Terms and conditions here. Amazon Prime sign-up info here.

The Sumvision Cyclone Micro2 Full HD HDMI 1080p multimedia player (i.e little black box of wonder) will help you to play all sorts of different media; it has more connections than the London Underground. Normally listed at £31.99 – you can have one for £20.49.

The Logitech UE4000 headphones are back, still with a cracking saving off their £79.99 list price. This time, though, they come in a snazzy purple design. Get on over to Amazon now and pick up yourself a pair for the exceedingly agreeable price of £14.00.

You can't beat a box set. Whole days can be consigned to series marathons. What better way to while away a day or two than consuming one of the best TV series of all time, Battlestar Galactica? Get the whole lot, 20 Blu-ray discs in all, for just £29.99.

Back in my day, memory cards were the size of playing cards, could contain about half a kilobyte, and cost about £80. Nowadays, they're so small you need tweezers to pick them up, can hold many thousands of kilobytes, and cost a pittance in comparison. This Samsung 32 GB Micro SD card will only set you back £10.95.


- Battlestar Galactica complete series box set on Blu-ray for £28.20
- PS Vita official 16 GB memory card and 10 game download voucher for £19.85
- Toshiba 4 TB Canvio USB 3.0 3.5-inch desktop hard drive for £99.99
- LA Noire from Steam for £5
- Lenovo b50 laptop £199.98 (£169.98 after cashback)
- Ninja Gaiden (Wii U) for £9.98
- Madden NFL 15 (Xbox One) download for £34.99
- AMD Sapphire R9 290 TRI X AMD Gold + 3 free games for £259.55
- South Park: Stick of Truth for £9.95 (5 per cent off for a Facebook like)
- Sandisk Ultra Plus 2.5-inch internal SSD 128 GB for £44.97
- Toshiba 13.3-inch Chromebook for £199.95
- On Networks 5 Port Gigabit network ethernet switch for £6.99
- Apple iPad mini 16 GB with retina display for £250
- Rolson 6 piece floor mat set (120 x 180cm each piece) for £10
- Zoostorm Q6010 10.1-inch PlayTab Tablet PC for £114.36
- HDMI KING double-insulated 3M (9.8ft) HDMI lead for £3.49
- Betron HDMI Switch + three cables, Switcher 3 Port for multiple devices for £8.99
- E-PRANCE 1080P Novatek CPU 1.5-inch Car DVR driving recorder video camera for £22.89

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