Today's Dealz: Canon Printer, GoPro Hero, GTA Complete Package and More

By Mof Gimmers on at

Sick of watching YouTube videos on your stupid phone? Tired of having to hold a tablet while watching Vine compilations? Well, you can send things from your devices to your telly thanks to Google's Chromecast, which is great if you have the BT Sport app, or indeed, you want to watching funny YouTube videos without putting up with the awful Rude Tube and Alex Zane.

The Chromecast was pretty cheap as it was, but the Wuaki Chromecast offer is back, which means that, when you buy a TV series for £19.99, you get a Chromecast for free! Have a look at the offer here and see what tickles your pickle.


The long-anticipated sequel to the Call of Duty franchise is nearly here, and as is the modern practise, it can pre-ordered to secure your copy before it even hits the shelves. Put your name on a copy now, for a guaranteed price of £42 over at Amazon.

Who needs crappy lumps of chocolate in an advent calendar, when you can open a window each day that contains a lego figurine, all of which combined make up a festive scene for that holiday thing that's coming up at the end of the year. Get it for £15, normally priced at £20.

After last week's slew of rumours surfaced last week, we got our hands on the new GoPros and are fantastic. The GoPro Hero (shown above) is the cheapest of the new set, only coming in at £99; it is still packed with great features though. Pre-order now from Jessops.

When a graphics card looks this good, it's a shame that it has to be hidden away inside the computer. Not to worry though, as it will make your games looks even better (science bit: 874MHz Core, 980MHz Boost, 5200MHz Memory, 1792 Stream Processors, DVI-D, DVI-I, HDMI, DPort, PCIe 3.0). Buy it now for £139.99.

Even though the world constantly creeps towards being completely paperless, there are still times when you really need a printer. Why not get one that's bronze? And can print via Wi-Fi? Even better is the price: RRP £140, on sale right now for £49.73.


- Acer 27-inch (VA LED DVI HDMI) monitor for £149.99
- Sumvision Gigabit 1000 Mb/s Powerline adapter (twin pack) for £26.95
- Cooler Master Elite 120 Advance computer case in White, USB 3.0, for £30.99
- Sony Xperia Z3 for £48.50 per month (12-month contract)
- Rocky Heavyweight collection (Blu-ray) for £20.70
- £5 off when you pay with Visa Contactless @ WH Smith
- Asus MeMO Pad HD 7 16 GB 7-inch Wi-Fi for £79
- Pool Nation for 69p
- Destiny: Vanguard Edition (Xbox One/PS4) for £34.85
- PS4 with FIFA, The Last Of Us plus a third game, 12-month PS+ sub for £399.99
- Grand Theft Auto The Complete Package (Steam) for £7
- GoPro Hero 3 Full HD for £159.99

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