Today's Dealz: Xbox Live Gold Membership, LOTR Blu-ray Trilogy, Fire TV and Many More

By Mof Gimmers on at

Ever wanted to be a gold member of something, but the gentleman's club keeps throwing you out for being a buffoon? Fancied having the fanciest membership, but the Women's Institute despise you because your baking skills result in things that look like uncovered war graves? Fear not.

You can get yourself an Xbox Live Gold Membership for 12 months with an Xbox Live CD Key (which is emailed instantly) for a very reasonable £21.99. No secret handshakes needed: just click this link, cough-up, and you're away!


A lot of cars come with in-built entertainment screens as standard now, but if you're still running your thoroughly un-entertaining Nova into the ground, you might want to consider this Sony device. The XAV-65 'has many features including the capability to play DVD’s, CD’s & VCD’s all on a 6.2-inch touch-panel monitor. It has a front USB 1-Wire input for iPod, iPhone and USB devices, and also has a Rear Camera-in'. Get £20 off from Halfords, making it a nice round £150.

While we are on the car theme, it might be worth considering one of these nifty little power adapters from PowerGen. Stick it into your cigarette lighter/power socket in your car, and you can simultaneously charge two USB-connectivity devices at once – whether that be an iPhone, Android device, tablet or digital camera and many more. Have one for yourself, for just £5.89.

Even though The Hobbit films are taking all the limelight of late, it is undeniable that the Lord of the Rings trilogy is one of the best movie sagas of all time. Apparently they used to be books? Not sure if I believe that. How would they fit all of the drawings of the battle scenes on such small pages? Anyway, right now you can get the LOTR trilogy, extended Blu-ray version, for just £19.99 (RRP is £75) PRECIOUSSSSS.

The great offer on Fire TV is still going so it's worth getting in on the action while you can: The company's really rather good Fire TV has finally been announced for the UK. And it comes across the Atlantic with a pretty little offer attached to it: if you are a Amazon Prime member (or if you sign up to Prime before buying) you can have the clever device for just £49 instead of £79. Terms and conditions here. Amazon Prime sign-up info here.


- Metro Redux (PS4) £22.99 Delivered
- NUQLEO Quadrant Quad-core 1.3ghz 1 GB RAM Android 4.2 4.7" Screen possibly Dual SIM for £47.65
- Minecraft PS4 Upgrade from PS3 £3.64
- 12 + 1 Month Xbox Live Gold Membership + Halo 4 Corbulo Emblem for £23.27
- SanDisk 128 GB Ultra Plus 7mm 2.5-inch SSD for £44.99
- Samsung 840 Series Pro 256 GB for £116.26
- PlayStation 4 Console Destiny Bundle for £318
- Amiibo pre-orders @ Nintendo Store for £10.99
- Sky Unlimited Broadband free for a whole year, plus £100 M&S voucher + £100 Cashback @ Quidco

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