Top Notch A-Level and GCSE Schooling Going for Free on iTunes U

By Gerald Lynch on at

Got a blank spot in your schooling memory? Want some leading teaching from one of the UK's best independent schools? Then head over to Apple's iTunes U education store, where the Stephen Perse Foundation in Cambridge has posted a large number of A-Level, IB and GCSE grade courses.

Best of all, despite being a fee-paying school, the lessons will be posted online free of charge. The Stephen Perse Foundation sounds a very tech-savvy institution, with an iPad available for each pupil. It hopes that publishing its lessons through Apple's education store (usually the reserve of university-level materials) could lead to greater collaboration between institutions, and of course provides an extra study resource for students up and down the country.

"Having the iTunes U units available to the world is an amazing step to take," said Simon Armitage, a teacher at the school. "Teachers have taken information from the web for years. This is a chance to put something back which could be interesting and useful to other teachers, schools and students."

To think, there may come a day when children learn exclusively from tablets, instead of from text books littered with crude, lewd anatomical Biro sketches. Actually, that sounds like quite a sad future. [BBC]