Toshiba's Encore Mini is One of the Cheapest Windows 8.1 Tablets Going

By Gerald Lynch on at

Prefer swiping through Windows tiles rather than Android's app icons? If you're on a budget, you rarely have any other option other than Android when it comes to tablets, but Toshiba's new Encore Mini looks to buck that trend.

Running full Windows 8.1 and offering a year's subscription to Office 365, Toshiba's expecting the Encore Mini to cost less than $100 at retail in the US, which, if converted directly into Great British Quids, is about £60. While it's unlikely to land that cheaply once it hits our shores, this is looking like it will be one the most affordable ways to get Windows on a tablet when it launches this winter.

You do of course, get what you pay for. A 7-inch slate, its display is running at a lowly 1024 x 600 resolution, powered by an Intel AtomTM Z3745 processor, backed by 1GB of RAM. That may make multitasking a bit of a chore, though 16GB of storage space, supplemented by 1TB of free OneDrive cloud storage and microSD support up to 128GB, at least gives you plenty of space to keep your files. Useful then for some light web browsing and video viewing, but those expecting a full Windows laptop replacement at this price will need to keep looking. [Toshiba]