Transport for London Takes One Million Contactless Payments in Just Nine Days

By Gerald Lynch on at

It seems London's commuters are finding the newly-introduced contactless payment methods installed across the TfL network rather useful. Just nine days after first accepting them, Transport for London has revealed it's already taken its 1,000,000th contactless payment.

Installed across the tube, DLR, tram and overground, its buses (which have accepted contactless card payments since December of last year) that have seen the system used most frequently, accounting for 785,000 of that million figure. So TfL is playing with the numbers a tad here, seeing as the bus has had a year's head start already, allowing passengers to familiarise themselves with contactless. Still, 375,000 payments for the tube and overground is still an impressive figure, given the relatively short time frame.

And, taken as a percentage, there were only a surprisingly-scant 1,700 cases of card clash reported, a figure that you'd expect to decrease considerably as people become more acquainted with the quirks of contactless.