TwitPic Uploads Own Obituary Ahead of September Shutdown

By Gary Cutlack on at

Those of you who still use Twitpic's advert-covered throwback to the days before Twitter let you upload pics alongside tweets will soon be forced to dump it, with the service revealing it's to close at the end of September.

Twitpic is blaming a legal battle with Twitter for the closure, saying that Twitter's legal people are demanding it abandons an attempt to trademark its name or risk losing access to the Twitter API. So it was either die or be killed for Twitpic.

Meanwhile, the WSJ suggests that Twitter might be about to drastically alter its timeline again, saying that changes to and a greater emphasis upon its search feature may be coming, along with group chats, and some sort of algorithm-led, Facebook-like, automatically sorted timeline. None of which sound particularly appealing. [Twitpic via Engadget]