UK Eyefi SD Card Users Now Get Their Own Auto Back-Up Cloud Service

By Gerald Lynch on at

For those that shoot a whole card's worth of photos first and worry about how to organise them later, Eyefi has just announced that its own photography-focussed cloud storage service, Eyefi Cloud, is now available worldwide.

Eyefi Cloud works in conjunction with the Wi-Fi transmitting Eyefi Mobi cards and their associated mobile apps. Any photo taken and saved to the cards can automatically be sent to the apps, and from their uploaded directly to the cloud service, where they'll be automatically organised and stored, to be viewed or shared. How this works outside of a Wi-Fi hotspot remains unclear -- if it's piggybacking off your phone's 3G or 4G data connection, all those uploads could hammer your data package.

Eyefi Cloud will store an unlimited number of photos, and will be available to use for free for the first three months after a person signs up for it. After that it gets a bit pricey, with a £34.99 yearly subscription. That's on top of the premium-priced cards (£33.99 for 8GB, £49.99 for 16GB and £65.99 for 32GB). But for the peace of mind in knowing that all your photos are automatically backed-up, and the time saving of offloading the chore of moving your snaps off the card manually, it's probably worth the cash for full-time photographers. [Eyefi]