Underwater Obstacles Won't Stop This Aluminium-Armoured Jet Ski

By Andrew Liszewski on at

If you're looking for a real sense of speed on the water, a personal watercraft—or jet ski as they're more commonly known—is definitely the way to go. However, their lightweight fibreglass hulls that let them zip across the water aren't exactly designed to survive run-ins with rocks or other underwater debris. But the AlumaSki should do just fine, thanks to a hull made from strong but light aluminium

The twelve-foot AlumaSki uses quarter-inch aluminium for its hull, so it can easily tackle shallow streams and careen off of hidden obstacles without tearing a giant hole under the craft. It has a dry weight of 950 pounds, which is only about 100 pounds heavier than a similarly-sized fibreglass PWC, but thanks to a four-cylinder 100 horsepower engine it can still reach speeds of up to 60 miles per hour, so you're not sacrificing fun.

Where you will have to make sacrifices for durability, though, is with your bank account. Because the AlumaSki will sell for just shy of $25,000 (£15,000), which is almost £6,000 more expensive than the largest, fastest, fibreglass models on the market. So for consumers it's certainly an expensive option, but for rescue personnel who need to be able to quickly reach someone no matter where they may be, this could be the new standard. [AlumaSki via Gizmag]

Underwater Obstacles Won't Stop This Aluminum-Armored Jet Ski