Want Google Fiber Broadband Speeds in the UK? Head to Cambridgeshire

By Gerald Lynch on at

...where Virgin Media is trialling a 1Gbps service. Using a new "narrow-trenching" cable-laying technique, the village of Papworth is the beneficiary of Virgin Media's Google Fiber matching service.

Narrow trenching, which sees fibre cables laid in trenches just 10cm wide as opposed to the standard 40cm, lets Virgin Media's engineers lay cabling at twice the speed, making more expansive future rollouts as much as 33 per cent more affordable. 100 Papworth homes will get access to the 1Gbps trial service, while hundreds more locals will be able to get access to Virgin Media's 152Mbps offering.

Virgin Media is also currently expanding its fibre service to 100,000 East London homes. [Virgin Media]