What Exactly is Food Crime?

By Gary Cutlack on at

News today suggests that "food crime" is happening on a large scale in the UK, and it can't be people stealing sausage rolls from Greggs as they keep them safe behind that damn glass screen.

The UK's food crime wave is being caused by a wave of "fraudulent foods" coming into the country, as existing criminal gangs turn away from drugs and robberies and embrace the more mundane crime of cutting premium meats with cheap bits of horse acquired from the bins around the back of the vet office and relabelling vats of industrial chemicals as "Sunny Delight."

Chris Elliot, from Queen's University Belfast, led the report into food crime that was ordered by the government in the wake of the horsemeat scandal. He says we need more auditing of the food chain, a whistleblowing system for the easy reporting of suspicious stuff, better lab testing and a greater sharing of intelligence gathered during investigations. [BBC]

Image credit: Banana gun from Shutterstock