Why Your iOS 8 Wi-Fi is Weird and How to Fix It

By Leslie Horn on at

A platform upgrade always comes with its fair share of bugs, and per Apple Forums, one of the issues popping up with iOS 8 is slow Wi-Fi. But fear not, apparently there's an easy fix.

Now, not everyone is experiencing sluggish internet connections on iOS 8—some of our staffers said they were, others didn't notice anything different. But on the forums, users are saying their Wi-Fi has been slow on a number of devices (iPads as well as older model iPhones).

So if you've fallen victim to this little issue, try going into your settings, selecting Privacy, then Location Services, followed by System Services, where you'll want to disable Wi-Fi Networking. Some users on the forums said this has helped speeds get back to normal. Others said just resetting their networking settings gave some relief.

You could also always just turn Wi-Fi off, but then you're eating into your data more than usual, which isn't exactly ideal. In any case, a few of the bugs in the first version of iOS 8 will presumably be fixed in later builds of the platform. [Apple Forums via PCMag]