Windows 9 Will be Free for Windows 8 Users, Confirms Microsoft Executive

By Gerald Lynch on at

An Indonesian executive for Microsoft has seemingly confirmed a long-rumoured detail of the upcoming Windows 9 operating system, in that it will be offered free of charge to Windows 8 users. Well, that way you'll have less to complain about if it turns out to be rubbish, I suppose.

According to Microsoft Indonesia President Andreas Diantoro, the Redmond company will give its latest OS away for free to all those that persevered with its divisive Windows 8 offering.

"The Windows 9 upgrade will be available free of charge to all existing Windows 8 users once it's released," said Diantoro. Windows 8 users will be able to "easily install the Windows 9 update after downloading it from Microsoft."

What this means for Windows 7, Vista or XP users remains to be seen (XP, Vista and 7 users were also rumoured to be getting the same free upgrade treatment according to earlier insider sources). But with a Microsoft event scheduled for tomorrow stateside, we may have all the answers very soon. [Detik via BGR]