Withings Home Baby Monitor Can Tell if Your Little One Has Been Smoking

By Stephen Davies on at

Connected baby monitors, beaming back footage of your bonny newborn to a mobile app, are a dime a dozen these days, so Withings is taking a slightly different approach with its Home camera. As well as keeping a web-connected digital eye on your little ones, it'll also keep track of air quality too.

Withings' jumping off point is the concentration of volatile organic compounds (or VOCs, to those in the know) floating around in our homes. Breathing in this mixture of man-made and naturally occurring chemical compounds can over time be pretty damaging to your health. So, with the device's companion Health Mate app, you'll be able to track just how clean the air around you baby is, and be notified of when to let some fresh air in. Humidity and temperature are tracked for good measure too.

It's also capable video monitor of course. With a HD-quality 135-degree wide angle zoom and night vision mode, the Home is capable of detecting both noise and motion. Should your baby have a meltdown in the night, the device has a two-way microphone to allow you a little late night babble chat with your child. Thanks to a thin light strip around the real-wood chassis lower edge, the Home doubles up as a night light, too.

Launching before the start of winter, sleepless parents will be able to pick up the Withings Home for £169.95.