Xbox One Snap Apps Get Snappier in October Update

By Gerald Lynch on at

The ability to snap two different applications side-by-side is one of the (arguably few) key advantages that the Xbox One has over the PS4. But the Snap App system currently employed on the console can be a chore to use. That should all change come the console's October update thankfully, with Xbox mouthpiece Major Nelson detailing some improvements rolling out for the feature.

A double tap of of the Xbox One controller's Xbox button will bring up a revised Snap App menu, letting you close apps or switch between other snappable apps -- a far easier solution than using sometimes-inaccurate Kinect voice commands or gestures. Snap features like the Game DVR and Messaging apps, among the most commonly "snapped" apps, will also load much faster too, while double tapping the Xbox button and then hitting the "X" button will act as a shortcut to recording the last 30 seconds of gameplay footage.

The update will also bring changes to the Xbox One's TV options. Trending shows (based on your international territory) will be displayed in the OneGuide EPG, while universal remote control functionality will be added to the SmartGlass app. In addition, OneGuide TV listings will roll out to a further 12 countries.

Xbox One preview program members should see the update's new features rolling out now. Everyone else should have a few short week's wait before they too get them. [Major Nelson]